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Our team offers over 80 years of combined floral experience and diversified expertise in Orchids, Tropicals and foliage's. Every day, we strategize to help our clients grow
We at KT Orchids all have one thing in common: a love of orchids and tropicals. Stop on in and talk to one of our experts. See for yourself why we are simple the best.
Dependability is one of the building blocks of quality relationships. We take great pride on assuring that we get your order right the first time, everytime.

Established in 1989

In late September, 1989, Tayama was asked to be a founding tenant in the newly formed "San Diego International Floral Trade Center". At the time, we selected our youngest LA Store employee to be the new manager of this Carlsbad location, Kregh Tatebe.

He successfully ran and grew our Carlsbad location business from 1989 until December, 2012 when he bought the store assets, and renamed and opened for business on January 2, 2013 under the name of KT Orchids and Tropicals.

We are proud of Kregh, and happy that he has this opportunity to grow the business under his ownership, while at the same time continuing to handle our Tayama-grown product!

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Floral Trade Center Opens in New Carlsbad Venue

The Floral Trade Center, housing businesses involved in the flower industry, has opened in a new venue in Carlsbad. The center is now located in an office building at 5858 Dryden Place, which owner Sunroad Enterprises recently redesigned and rebuilt. The project involved an...
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The Growing Trend of Using Orchids in Weddings

Orchids are fabulous plants that can add a touch of exoticness and mystery to any occasion. They are auspicious flowers that symbolize beauty, refinement, and timelessness, and therefore, they are ideal for use in weddings. Orchids can be used in many ways in a wedding, ranging...
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8 Ways to use Cymbidium Orchids

Cymbidium orchids are a favorite among brides for good reason — the blossoms are bright and colorful, with an elegant-yet-tropical feel. They’re also quite hardy, which makes them a great choice for summer celebrations and destination weddings since they’ll stand up...
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Orchid Names

Within the Plant Kingdom, plants having fundamental similarities are arranged together in groups called FAMILIES. Orchids are in the family called Orchidacae. Within each family plants with still greater degrees of similarity are grouped together in GENERA, the singular form is...
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